Social Program

The major event will take place during Saturday 5th of June, the free discussions day, where we are planning a daily trip to the beautiful island of Santorini ( The excursion includes a tour by bus to see the view of Caldera, traditional small villages, old churches, charming beaches, and free time to use as you wish. A detailed program can be found here.


Sunset on the Island of Santorini Greece

Also, during the conference, we propose various short (3-4 hours) tours and visits in Heraklion and the surrounding area to be organized in a daily basis (depending on the demand).
The Heraklion Archeological Museum (, the Historical Museum of Crete ( and the National History Museum of Crete ( are three of the most interesting museums in Heraklion city. The Cret@quarium (, the biggest aquarium in Mediterranean, fascinates every visitor with hundreds of species and thousands of living organisms. In order to get familiar with the traditional Cretan diet (olive oil, wine, nuts, honey etc) we are thinking of arranging an exhibition at the Conference Venue. Last, but of course, not least is the visit at the archaeological site of Knossos, ( the ancient palace of King Minoas.

Knossos Ladies

Knossos Palace
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