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Enhancement of multi-filament generation and filament-induced fluorescence by turbulence

P. J. Liu, Z. Zhang, P. B. Shang, Y. C. Chu, L. Sun, N. Zhang, L. Lin, W. W. Liu

Flexible manipulation of the onset and terminal positions of femtosecond laser filamentation in fused silica via controlling beam profile before axicon

J. J. Wang, J. Y. Guo, W. X. Song, Q. J. Lin

Focusing effects during ultrashort-pulse laser ablative generation of colloidal nanoparticles for antibacterial applications

A. Nastulyavichus, S. Kudryashov, A. Ionin, Y. Yushina, A. Semenova, S. Gonchukov

Degenerate and Non-Degenerate Conical Emission and the transient Kerr nonlinear index in BK-7 glass with femtosecond laser pulses

J. J. H. Meyer, R. R. R. Alfano

Emission enhancement of femtosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using vortex beam

Y. Q. Wang, J. W. Dang, F. Y. Jiang, M. A. Chen, X. M. Jin

Terahertz near-field microscopy based on an air-plasma dynamic aperture

K. X. Wang, S. J. Ye, F. W. Sun, P. Han, L. Hou, Y. Zhang

Elongation of filamentation and enhancement of supercontinuum generation by a preformed air density hole

W. J. Chang, W. D. Li, T. L. Xu, Z. L. Zhang, T. T. Xi, Q. Z. Hao

Intense vector supercontinuum radiation from femtosecond filamentation

W. D. Li, W. J. Chang, M. D. Li, F. L. Ji, W. Liang, T. L. Xu, Z. L. Zhang, T. T. Xi, Q. Z. Hao

Propagation distance-resolved characteristics of copper plasma emission induced by axicon-focused femtosecond laser filamentation in air

S. Lin, D. Zhang, F. Y. Jiang, M. A. Chen, X. M. Jin

Three-Dimensional Manipulation for Self-Focusing Behavior via the State of Polarization

L. Lu, Q. Z. Wang, R. Lin, J. Y. Cai

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