A comprehensive database of all publications related to the field, from 1995 to date.

Scaling of self-compression of near-IR femtosecond pulses in hollow-core fibers down to the single-cycle limit

P. Dey, C. Vijayan, S. Krishnan

p Reliable laser ablation ignition of combustible gas mixtures by femtosecond filamentating laser

F. T. Liang, W. H. Zang, W. Zhang, S. L. Zheng, W. D. Yao, L. H. Li, L. H. Xu, X. R. Li

Terahertz emission from curved plasma filaments induced by two-color 2D Airy wave packets

D. Anastasios Koulouklidis, Dimitris Mansour, Yu Vladimir Fedorov, G. Dimitris Papazoglou, Stelios Tzortzakis

Powerful supercontinuum vortices generated by femtosecond vortex beams with thin plates

T. L. Xu, W. D. Li, W. J. Chang, M. D. Li, T. T. Xi, Q. Z. Hao

Analytical calculation of the parameters of light bullets propagating in the tunnel ionization regime

N. A. Bugay, A. V. Khalyapin

Spatial evolution leading to multiple filament formation of higher order super Gaussian beam in bulk medium at input power P >> P-cr

A. Das, C. Hazarika, S. Hazarika

Time-resolved microscopy of femtosecond laser filaments in fused quartz

V. Kadan, I. Blonskyi, I. Pavlov

Femtosecond laser filamentation-induced breakdown spectroscopy combined with chemometrics methods for soil heavy metal analysis

Y. S. Zhao, S. M. Afgan, H. Zhu, X. Gao

Spatiotemporal control of femtosecond laser filament-triggered discharge and its application in diagnosing gas flow fields

F. Z. Zhu, B. Li, Q. Gao, J. J. Zhu, S. Z. Li

Manipulating geometric and optical properties of laser-inscribed nanogratings with a conical phase front

E. Alimohammadian, K. Lammers, A. Alberucci, G. Djogo, P. C. Jisha, S. Nolte, R. P. Herman

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