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Spectral-angular patterns and energy threshold for linear-to-nonlinear femtosecond laser pulse focusing in air

E. Y. Geints, A. A. Ionin, V. D. Mokrousova, V. D. Pushkarev, E. G. Rizaev, V. L. Seleznev, A. A. Zemlyanov, Y. I. Geints

Beam collapse and refractive index changes inside fused silica induced by loosely focused femtosecond laser

L. Zhang, M. J. Liu, C. Z. Zhong, H. Jiang, G. H. Gu, G. X. Chen, Y. S. Liu

Creation of luminescent defects in crystals by coherent pairs of femtosecond laser pulses

F. E. Martynovich, L. N. Lazareva, A. S. Zilov

Observation of the Terahertz Pulse Shaping Due to Intensity-Induced Additional Phase in Two-Color Filaments

C. Gong, T. Teramoto, M. Tonouchi

The role of external focusing in spectral enrichment under mid-IR laser filamentation in dielectrics

K. Lvov, S. Stremoukhov, F. Potemkin

Remote isotope detection and quantification using femtosecond filament-laser ablation molecular isotopic spectrometry

J. Chirinos, A. Spiliotis, L. X. Mao, Y. C. G. Chan, E. R. Russo, V. Zorba

Wavelength scaling of electron collision time in plasma for strong field laser-matter interactions in solids

C. Garima Nagar, Dennis Dempsey, Bonggu Shim

Temporal-spatial dynamics of electronic plasma in femtosecond laser induced damage

Q. F. Huang, H. J. Si, T. Chen, L. T. Shen, J. M. Shi, X. Hou

Effect of focusing element-induced aberrations on filamentation and supercontinuum emission in ambient air

A. S. Nalam, S. S. Harsha, P. P. Kiran

Temporal characterization of heating in femtosecond laser filamentation with planar Rayleigh scattering

B. W. Yang, N. J. Zhou, L. Chen, X. J. Wang, S. Chen, R. Qiu, H. J. Mu

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