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Powerful terahertz waves from long-wavelength infrared laser filaments

Yu Vladimir Fedorov, Stelios Tzortzakis

Laser-filamentation-assisted 1.25 Gb/s video communication under harsh conditions

L. B. Yan, F. H. Liu, J. C. Li, R. X. Jiang, L. X. Li, Q. J. Hou, H. Zhang, W. Lin, B. Liu, G. J. Liu

Spatial distribution of the fluorescence induced by femtosecond laser filamentation in ambient air

B. J. Wu, Y. Z. Wu, T. Chen, H. Zhang, F. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, S. Lin, M. X. Cai, M. A. Chen, F. Y. Jiang, Y. S. Li, X. M. Jin

A long-distance two-color filament produced by three collinear femtosecond pulses in air

F. Z. Feng, P. J. Lan, W. Li, X. C. Yu, X. Liu, H. J. Li, Y. Liu

Observation on the competition mechanism of terahertz wave generation from filament in bias electric field

J. S. Feng, Q. L. Dong, Y. Tan, T. Wu, N. D. Ma, L. L. Zhang, L. C. Zhang, J. Y. Zhao

Electronic and vibrational processes in absorbing liquids in femtosecond laser sub- and filamentation regimes: ultrasonic and optical characterization

S. Kudryashov, A. Samokhvalov, S. Shelygina, A. Karabutov, D. G. Tsibidis, D. Pankin, V. Veiko

Femtosecond laser ablation of thin silver films in air and water under tight focusing

A. P. Danilov, A. A. Ionin, I. S. Kudryashov, A. A. Rudenko, A. N. Smirnov, P. A. Porfirev, A. A. Kuchmizhak, B. O. Vitrik, S. M. Kovalev, K. G. Krasin

Terahertz pulse generation by two-color laser fields with circular polarization

C. Tailliez, A. Stathopulos, S. Skupin, D. Buozius, I. Babushkin, V. Vaicaitis, L. Berge

Influence of tunnel ionization to third-harmonic generation of infrared femtosecond laser pulses in air

V. Tamuliene, G. Juskeviciute, D. Buozius, V. Vaicaitis, I. Babushkin, U. Morgner

The role of plasma kinetics in the process of THz pulses generation and amplification

V. A. Bogatskaya, E. N. Gnezdovskaia, A. E. Volkova, M. A. Popov

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