A comprehensive database of all publications related to the field, from 1995 to date.

Creation of luminescent defects in crystals by coherent pairs of femtosecond laser pulses

F. E. Martynovich, L. N. Lazareva, A. S. Zilov

Remote isotope detection and quantification using femtosecond filament-laser ablation molecular isotopic spectrometry

J. Chirinos, A. Spiliotis, L. X. Mao, Y. C. G. Chan, E. R. Russo, V. Zorba

Wavelength scaling of electron collision time in plasma for strong field laser-matter interactions in solids

C. Garima Nagar, Dennis Dempsey, Bonggu Shim

Conservation laws of femtosecond pulse propagation described by generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation with cubic nonlinearity

A. V. Trofimov, S. Stepanenko, A. Razgulin

Numerical study of spatial propagation dynamics and energy delivery of TW square-aperture CO2 laser pulses in the atmosphere

P. Panagiotopoulos, M. Kolesik, V. Hasson, S. Tochitsky, V. J. Moloney

Influence of pressure on spectral broadening of femtosecond laser pulses in air

H. Zhang, Y. Zhang, S. Lin, F. Y. Zhang, M. A. Chen, F. Y. Jiang, Y. S. Li, X. M. Jin

Multiphoton and plasma absorption measurements in CaF2 and UV fused silica at 473 nm

V. Y. Grudtsyn, V. A. Koribut, A. A. Rogashevskii, A. Y. Gerasimova, A. V. Trofimov, I. V. Yalovoi, L. S. Semjonov

Fabrication of PDMS-based volume Bragg gratings by stitching of femtosecond laser filament

K. Homma, W. Watanabe

Postfilament supercontinuum on 100 m path in air

O. Kosareva, N. Panov, D. Shipilo, D. Mokrousova, I. Nikolaeva, E. Mitina, A. Koribut, A. Reutov, G. Rizaev, A. Couairon, A. Houard, D. Skryabin, A. Saletskiy, A. Savel'ev, L. Seleznev, A. Ionin, L. S. Chin

Coherently enhanced microwave pulses from midinfrared-driven laser plasmas

V. A. Mitrofanov, A. D. Sidorov-Biryukov, M. M. Nazarov, A. A. Voronin, V. M. Rozhko, B. A. Fedotov, M. A. Zheltikov

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