A comprehensive database of all publications related to the field, from 1995 to date.

Conservation laws of femtosecond pulse propagation described by generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation with cubic nonlinearity

A. V. Trofimov, S. Stepanenko, A. Razgulin

Multiphoton and plasma absorption measurements in CaF2 and UV fused silica at 473 nm

V. Y. Grudtsyn, V. A. Koribut, A. A. Rogashevskii, A. Y. Gerasimova, A. V. Trofimov, I. V. Yalovoi, L. S. Semjonov

Fabrication of PDMS-based volume Bragg gratings by stitching of femtosecond laser filament

K. Homma, W. Watanabe

Dual-wavelength filamentation with a fraction of fundamental laser frequency as a wideband THz source

A. I. Nikolaeva, E. D. Shipilo, A. N. Panov, G. O. Kosareva

Taming Ultrafast Laser Filaments for Optimized Semiconductor–Metal Welding

Maxime Chambonneau, Qingfeng Li, Yu. Vladimir Fedorov, Markus Blothe, Kay Schaarschmidt, Martin Lorenz, Stelios Tzortzakis, Stefan Nolte

Continuous transition from X- to O-shaped angle-wavelength spectra of a femtosecond filament in a gas mixture

A. N. Panov, E. D. Shipilo, A. I. Nikolaeva, O. V. Kompanets, V. S. Chekalin, G. O. Kosareva

The laser lightning rod project star

T. Produit, P. Walch, C. Herkommer, A. Mostajabi, M. Moret, U. Andral, A. Sunjerga, M. Azadifar, B. Y. Andre, B. Mahieu, W. Haas, B. Esmiller, G. Fournier, P. Krotz, T. Metzger, K. Michel, A. Mysyrowicz, M. Rubinstein, F. Rachidi, J. Kasparian, P. J. Wolf, A. Houard

Femtosecond laser interferometry of microsized absorptive plasma

M. V. Gololobov, V. V. Kononenko, V. T. Kononenko, I. V. Konov

Three-dimensional hybrid optoacoustic imaging of the laser-induced plasma and deposited energy density under optical breakdown in water

V. B. Rumiantsev, I. E. Mareev, S. A. Bychkov, A. A. Karabutov, B. E. Cherepetskaya, A. V. Makarov, V. F. Potemkin

Electric-field-induced second-harmonic generation using high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses over the observable optical breakdown threshold

T. Fujii, M. Sato, S. Nakamura, A. Kumada, M. Miki, Y. Oishi

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