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Publications of April 2018

Spatial evolution of laser filaments in turbulent air
Tao Zeng, Shiping Zhu, Shengling Zhou, Yan He
Optics Communications 412, 161-165 (2018)
Femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy based standoff detection of explosives and discrimination using principal component analysis
Abdul Kalam Shaik, Nageswara Rao Epuru, Hamad Syed, Chandu Byram, Venugopal Rao Soma
Optics Express 26, 8069-8083 (2018)
Femtosecond laser filaments for rapid and flexible writing of fiber Bragg grating
Erden Ertorer, Moez Haque, Jianzhao Li, Peter R. Herman
Optics Express 26, 9323-9331 (2018)
Polarization-orthogonal filament array induced by birefringent crystals in air
Helong Li, Hongwei Zang, Qiulan Huang, Chang Liu, Yue Su, Yao Fu, Mengyao Hou, Aiwu Li, Hong Chen, See-Leang Chin, Huailiang Xu
Optics Express 26, 8515-8521 (2018)
Clue to a thorough understanding of terahertz pulse generation by femtosecond laser filamentation
Jiayu Zhao, Weiwei Liu, Shichang Li, Dan Lu, Yizhu Zhang, Yan Peng, Yiming Zhu, Songlin Zhuang
Photonics Research 6, 296-306 (2018)
Highly extended filaments in aqueous gold nano-particle colloidals
Shuai Yuan, Feng J. Liu, Li R. Wang, Jun Y. Nan, Min Li, Bo Q. He, He P. Zeng
Scientific Reports 8, 5957 (2018)
Femtosecond pulse self-shortening in Kerr media: role of modulational instability in the spectrum formation
V. Grudtsyn Ya,A. V. Koribut,L. D. Mikheev,V. A. Trofimov
Quantum Electronics 48, 306 (2018)
Path length and spectrum of single-cycle mid-IR light bullets in transparent dielectrics
S. V. Chekalin,V. O. Kompanets,A. E. Dormidonov,V. P. Kandidov
Quantum Electronics 48, 372 (2018)
Similarity parameter for the process of mid-IR light bullet formation
E. D. Zaloznaya,V. O. Kompanets,A. E. Dormidonov,S. V. Chekalin,V. P. Kandidov
Quantum Electronics 48, 366 (2018)
High-order harmonic source spanning up to the oxygen K-edge based on filamentation pulse compression
Cédric Schmidt, Yoann Pertot, Tadas Balciunas, Kristina Zinchenko, Mary Matthews, Hans Jakob Wörner, Jean-Pierre Wolf
Optics Express 26, 11834-11842 (2018)
An anatomy of strong-field ionization-induced air lasing
Jinping Yao, Wei Chu, Zhaoxiang Liu, Jinming Chen, Bo Xu, Ya Cheng
Applied Physics B 124, 73 (2018)
Manipulation by multiple filamentation of subpicosecond TW KrF laser beam
V. D. Zvorykin, I. V. Smetanin, N. N. Ustinovskii, A. V. Shutov
Applied Physics B 124, 80 (2018)
Experimental study of the third-order nonlinearity of atomic and molecular gases using 10-µm laser pulses
J. J. Pigeon, S. Ya Tochitsky, E. C. Welch, C. Joshi
Physical Review A 97, (2018)
Influence of cutting off position of plasma filament formed by two-color femtosecond laser on terahertz generation
Xue Zhan-Qiang, Shang Li-Ping, Deng Hu, Zhang Qian-Cheng, Liu Quan-Cheng, Qu Wei-Wei, Li Zhan-Feng, Wang Shun-Li
Chinese Physics B 27, 054101 (2018)
Bound-Electron Nonlinearity Beyond the Ionization Threshold
J.  K Wahlstrand, S. Zahedpour, A. Bahl, M. Kolesik, H.  M Milchberg
Physical Review Letters 120, 183901 (2018)


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