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Publications of March 2018

Modeling ultrashort electromagnetic pulses with a generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation
A. Hofstrand, J. V. Moloney
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 366, 51-58 (2018)
Ring-Airy beams at the wavelength limit
Maria Manousidaki, Vladimir Yu Fedorov, Dimitrios G. Papazoglou, Maria Farsari, Stelios Tzortzakis
Optics Letters 43, 1063-1066 (2018)
Influence of wave-front curvature on supercontinuum energy during filamentation of femtosecond laser pulses in water
F. V. Potemkin, E. I. Mareev, E. O. Smetanina
Physical Review A 97, 033801 (2018)
Theory of Kerr instability amplification
M. Nesrallah, G. Vampa, G. Bart, P. B. Corkum, C. R. McDonald, T. Brabec
Optica 5, 271-278 (2018)
Ultrafast mid-infrared spectrochronography of dispersion near molecular absorption bands
A. A. Voronin, A. A. Lanin, A. A. Fedotov, A. M. Zheltikov
Optics Letters 43, 1327-1330 (2018)
Influence of dispersion stretching of ultrashort UV laser pulse on the critical power for self-focusing
A. A. Ionin,D. V. Mokrousova,D. A. Piterimov,L. V. Seleznev,D. V. Sinitsyn,E. S. Sunchugasheva
Laser Physics 28, 045405 (2018)
Measuring the Kerr nonlinearity via seeded Kerr instability amplification: conceptual analysis
M. Nesrallah, A. Hakami, G. Bart, C. R. McDonald, C. Varin, T. Brabec
Optics Express 26, 7646-7654 (2018)
Testing the Role of Recollision in ${\mathrm{N}}_{2}^{+}$ Air Lasing
Mathew Britton, Patrick Laferrière, Dong Hyuk Ko, Zhengyan Li, Fanqi Kong, Graham Brown, Andrei Naumov, Chunmei Zhang, Ladan Arissian, P.  B Corkum
Physical Review Letters 120, 133208 (2018)
THz field engineering in two-color femtosecond filaments using chirped and delayed laser pulses
A. Nguyen,P. González de Alaiza Martínez,I. Thiele,S. Skupin,L. Bergé
New Journal of Physics 20, 033026 (2018)
Optimizing the 391-nm lasing intensity from ionized nitrogen molecules in 800-nm femtosecond laser fields
Xunqi Zhong, Zhiming Miao, Linlin Zhang, Hongbing Jiang, Yunquan Liu, Qihuang Gong, Chengyin Wu
Physical Review A 97, 033409 (2018)
Polarization-gated filament-induced remote breakdown spectroscopy
H. Guo, Z. B. Zhu, T. J. Wang, N. Chen, Y. X. Liu, J. H. Zhang, H. Y. Sun, J. S. Liu, R. X. Li
Chinese Optics Letters 16, 4 (2018)
Localized High-Intensity Light Structures during Multiple Filamentation of Ti:Sapphire-Laser Femtosecond Pulses along an Air Path
D. V. Apeksimov, A. A. Zemlyanov, A. N. Iglakova, A. M. Kabanov, O. I. Kuchinskaya, G. G. Matvienko, V. K. Oshlakov, A. V. Petrov, E. B. Sokolova
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics 31, 107-111 (2018)


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