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Publications of January 2018

Fluorescence emission induced by the femtosecond filament transmitting through the butane/air flame
Suyu Li, Yanhua Li, Zhe Shi, Laizhi Sui, He Li, Qingyi Li, Anmin Chen, Yuanfei Jiang, Mingxing Jin
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 189, 32-36 (2018)
Polarization control of terahertz radiation from two-color femtosecond gas breakdown plasma
O. Kosareva, M. Esaulkov, N. Panov, V. Andreeva, D. Shipilo, P. Solyankin, A. Demircan, I. Babushkin, V. Makarov, U. Morgner, A. Shkurinov, A. Savel’ev
Optics Letters 43, 90-93 (2018)
High-throughput microchannel fabrication in fused silica by temporally shaped femtosecond laser Bessel-beam-assisted chemical etching
Zhi Wang, Lan Jiang, Xiaowei Li, Andong Wang, Zhulin Yao, Kaihu Zhang, Yongfeng Lu
Optics Letters 43, 98-101 (2018)
In situ optoacoustic measurement of the pointing stability of femtosecond laser beams
D. Pushkarev,E. Mitina,D. Uryupina,R. Volkov,A. Karabytov,A. Savel’ev
Laser Physics Letters 15, 025401 (2018)
Short-pulse lasers for weather control
J. P. Wolf
Reports on Progress in Physics 81, 026001 (2018)
Filamentation-free self-compression of mid-infrared pulses in birefringent crystals with second-order cascading-enhanced self-focusing nonlinearity
Rosvaldas Šuminas, Gintaras Tamošauskas, Audrius Dubietis
Optics Letters 43, 235-238 (2018)
Free-beam soliton self-compression in air
A. A. Voronin,A. V. Mitrofanov,D. A. Sidorov-Biryukov,A. B. Fedotov,A. Pugžlys,V. Ya Panchenko,V. Shumakova,S. Ališauskas,A. Baltuška,A. M. Zheltikov
Journal of Optics 20, 025504 (2018)
Spectral broadening and conical emission of near-infrared femtosecond laser pulses in air
V. Vaičaitis,M. Kretschmar,R. Butkus,R. Grigonis,U. Morgner,I. Babushkin
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51, 045402 (2018)
Optical breakdown of solids by few-cycle laser pulses
P. A. Zhokhov, A. M. Zheltikov
Scientific Reports 8, 1824 (2018)
Filament-induced luminescence and supercontinuum generation in undoped, Yb-doped, and Nd-doped YAG crystals
D. Kudarauskas,G. Tamošauskas,M. Vengris,A. Dubietis
Applied Physics Letters 112, 041103 (2018)
Global Self-Focusing and Features of Multiple Filamentation of Radiation of a Subterawatt Ti:Sapphire Laser with a Centimeter Output Aperture Along a 150-m Path
D. V. Apeksimov, A. A. Zemlyanov, A. N. Iglakova, A. M. Kabanov, O. I. Kuchinskaya, G. G. Matvienko, V. K. Oshlakov, A. V. Petrov
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics 31, 31-35 (2018)


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