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Publications of September 2017

Self-compression of soliton-like laser pulses in the process of self-focusing
A. A. Balakin,A. G. Litvak,V. A. Mironov,S. A. Skobelev
Journal of Optics 19, 095503 (2017)
In-situ visualization of multiple filament competition dynamic during nonlinear propagation of femtosecond laser
P. F. Qi, L. Lin, Q. Su, N. Zhang, L. Sun, W. W. Liu
Scientific Reports 7, 8 (2017)
Long-wavelength infrared solitons in air
A. A. Voronin, A. M. Zheltikov
Optics Letters 42, 3614-3617 (2017)
Multiple refocusing of femtosecond filamentation in air: Experiment and simulation
Lanzhi Zhang, Tingting Xi, Zuoqiang Hao
Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 144, 70-75 (2017)
Corona discharge induced snow formation in a cloud chamber
Jingjing Ju, Tie-Jun Wang, Ruxin Li, Shengzhe Du, Haiyi Sun, Yonghong Liu, Ye Tian, Yafeng Bai, Yaoxiang Liu, Na Chen, Jingwei Wang, Cheng Wang, Jiansheng Liu, S. L. Chin, Zhizhan Xu
Scientific Reports 7, 11749 (2017)
A compact, self-compression-based sub-3 optical cycle source in the 3-4 µm spectral range
Marcinkevičiūtė Agnė, Garejev Nail, Šuminas Rosvaldas, Tamošauskas Gintaras, Dubietis Audrius
Journal of Optics 19, 105505 (2017)
Filamentary plasma grating induced by interference of two femtosecond laser pulses in water
Fengjiang Liu, Shuai Yuan, Boqu He, Junyi Nan, Mengci Jiang, Abdul Qayyum Khan, Liang’en Ding, Jiaxin Yu, Heping Zeng
Optics Express 25, 22303-22311 (2017)
A coherent detection technique via optically biased field for broadband terahertz radiation
Hai-Wei Du,Jia-Meng Dong,Yi Liu,Chang-Cheng Shi,Jing-Wei Wu,Xiao-Yu Peng
Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 093104 (2017)
Post-filamentation light channels in air
D. V. Apeksimov, A. A. Zemlyanov, A. M. Kabanov, A. N. Stepanov
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics 30, 451-455 (2017)
In-situ visualization of multiple filament competition dynamic during nonlinear propagation of femtosecond laser
Pengfei Qi, Lie Lin, Qiang Su, Nan Zhang, Lu Sun, Weiwei Liu
Scientific Reports 7, 10384 (2017)
Femtosecond Laser Filamentation in Gaseous Ethylene: Formation of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon
Akitaka Matsuda,Takahiro Hayashi,Ryo Kitaura,Akiyoshi Hishikawa
Chemistry Letters 46, 1426-1429 (2017)


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