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Publications of August 2017

Influence of dopants on supercontinuum generation during the femtosecond laser filamentation in water
He Li, Zhe Shi, Xiaowei Wang, Laizhi Sui, Suyu Li, Mingxing Jin
Chemical Physics Letters 681, 86-89 (2017)
Broadband and long lifetime plasma-antenna in air initiated by laser-guided discharge
Francis Théberge,Jean-François Gravel,Jean-Claude Kieffer,François Vidal,Marc Châteauneuf
Applied Physics Letters 111, 073501 (2017)
Uniform lifetime prolongation of a high density plasma channel left in the wake of femtosecond filament
J. Papeer,I. Dey,Z. Henis,M. Botton,Y. Ferber,G. R. Kumar,A. Zigler
Applied Physics Letters 111, 074102 (2017)
Free-Space Nonlinear Beam Combining for High Intensity Projection
Shermineh Rostami Fairchild, Wiktor Walasik, Daniel Kepler, Matthieu Baudelet, Natalia M. Litchinitser, Martin Richardson
Scientific Reports 7, 10147 (2017)
Development and Application of Sub-Cycle Mid-Infrared Source Based on Laser Filamentation
Takao Fuji,Hideto Shirai,Yutaka Nomura
Applied Sciences 7, 857 (2017)
Regularities of femtosecond filamentation in the case of superposition of Gaussian and annular laser beams
E. Geints Yu,A. A. Zemlyanov
Quantum Electronics 47, 722 (2017)


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