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Publications of June 2017

Laser filamentation in air via Mathieu modulation: ranging from trajectory-predesigned curved filament to quasi-soliton and ring light bullet
Yuze Hu, Jinsong Nie
Optics Express 25, 14944-14959 (2017)
Nonlinear optical response in molecular nitrogen: from ab-initio calculations to optical pulse simulations
Anand Bahl, Vinay Pramod Majety, Armin Scrinzi, Miroslav Kolesik
Optics Letters 42, 2295-2298 (2017)
Multi-octave spanning nonlinear interactions induced by femtosecond filamentation in polycrystalline ZnSe
R. Šuminas,G. Tamošauskas,G. Valiulis,V. Jukna,A. Couairon,A. Dubietis
Applied Physics Letters 110, 241106 (2017)
Range extension in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using femtosecond–nanosecond dual-beam laser system
Wei Chu, Bin Zeng, Ziting Li, Jinping Yao, Hongqiang Xie, Guihua Li, Zhanshan Wang, Ya Cheng
Applied Physics B 123, 173 (2017)
Spectroscopic Sensing of O2–C2H2–C2H4 Flames for Diamond Growth Using Femtosecond Filamentation
Yun Shen Zhou, Meng Meng Wang, Yao Lu, Jean François Silvain, Yong Feng Lu
Crystal Growth & Design 17, 3443-3449 (2017)
Tunable high-harmonic generation by chromatic focusing of few-cycle laser pulses
W. Holgado, C. Hernández-García, B. Alonso, M. Miranda, F. Silva, O. Varela, J. Hernández-Toro, L. Plaja, H. Crespo, I. J. Sola
Physical Review A 95, 063823 (2017)
Intense supercontinuum generation in the near-ultraviolet range from a 400-nm femtosecond laser filament array in fused silica
Li Dongwei, Zhang Lanzhi, Zafar Saba, Song He, Hao Zuoqiang, Xi Tingting, Gao Xun, Lin Jingquan
Chinese Physics B 26, 074213 (2017)
Generation of 2.5-octave spectral supercontinuum in a deuterium-oxide jet
A. A. Borimova, A. N. Tsypkin, S. É Putilin, V. G. Bespaslov, S. A. Kozlov
Journal of Optical Technology 84, 368-372 (2017)


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