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Publications of May 2017

Waveform control of enhanced THz radiation from femtosecond laser filament in air
Tie-Jun Wang,Jingjing Ju,Yaoxiang Liu,Ruxin Li,Zhizhan Xu,See Leang Chin
Applied Physics Letters 110, 221102 (2017)
Self-compression of femtosecond deep-ultraviolet pulses by filamentation in krypton
Shunsuke Adachi, Toshinori Suzuki
Optics Letters 42, 1883-1886 (2017)
Active modulation of the terahertz spectra radiated from two air plasmas
Ying Zhang, Wenfeng Sun, Xinke Wang, Jiasheng Ye, Shengfei Feng, Peng Han, Yan Zhang
Optics Letters 42, 1907-1910 (2017)
Filament damage formation in fused silica glass as a result of 1-50 ps near-infrared laser pulses
E. Feigenbaum, T. A. Laurence
Applied Optics 56, 3666-3672 (2017)
Probing the effective length of plasma inside a filament
Yaoxiang Liu, Tiejun Wang, Na Chen, Shengzhe Du, Jingjing Ju, Haiyi Sun, Cheng Wang, Jiansheng Liu, Haihe Lu, See Leang Chin, Ruxin Li, Zhizhan Xu, Zhanshan Wang
Optics Express 25, 11078-11087 (2017)
Dynamics of the structure of multiple filamentation domain of laser pulses in glass
D. V. Apeksimov, S. S. Golik, A. A. Zemlyanov, A. M. Kabanov, A. Yu Mayor, A. V. Petrov
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics 30, 222-225 (2017)
Parameters of intense light channels during the postfilamentation stage of ultrashort laser radiation evolution
Yu E. Geints, A. A. Zemlyanov, A. A. Ionin, D. V. Mokrousova, L. V. Seleznev, E. S. Sunchugasheva
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics 30, 217-221 (2017)
Laser-induced filaments in the mid-infrared
A. M. Zheltikov
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50, 092001 (2017)


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