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Publications of March 2017

Generation of a highly directional supercontinuum in the visible spectrum range
N. G. Ivanov, V. F. Losev, V. E. Prokop’ev, K. A. Sitnik
Optics Communications 387, 322-327 (2017)
Emissions from single filaments in air triggered by tailored background energy flows
Dominik Walter, Helge Bürsing, Reinhard Ebert
Optics Letters 42, 931-934 (2017)
Spectral dynamics of THz pulses generated by two-color laser filaments in air: the role of Kerr nonlinearities and pump wavelength
A. Nguyen, P. González de Alaiza Martínez, J. Déchard, I. Thiele, I. Babushkin, S. Skupin, L. Bergé
Optics Express 25, 4720-4740 (2017)
Supercontinuum spectrum upon filamentation of laser pulses under conditions of strong and weak anomalous group velocity dispersion in transparent dielectrics
S. V. Chekalin,V. O. Kompanets,A. E. Dormidonov,E. D. Zaloznaya,V. P. Kandidov
Quantum Electronics 47, 252 (2017)
Influence of induced colour centres on the frequency – angular spectrum of a light bullet of mid-IR radiation in lithium fluoride
S. V. Chekalin,V. O. Kompanets,A. E. Dormidonov,V. P. Kandidov
Quantum Electronics 47, 259 (2017)
Second-order cascading-assisted filamentation and controllable supercontinuum generation in birefringent crystals
Rosvaldas Šuminas, Gintaras Tamošauskas, Vytautas Jukna, Arnaud Couairon, Audrius Dubietis
Optics Express 25, 6746-6756 (2017)
A simple technique to overcome self-focusing, filamentation, supercontinuum generation, aberrations, depth dependence and waveguide interface roughness using fs laser processing
Jerome Lapointe, Raman Kashyap
Scientific Reports 7, 499 (2017)
Standoff Detection of Uranium and its Isotopes by Femtosecond Filament Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry
Kyle C. Hartig, Isaac Ghebregziabher, Igor Jovanovic
Scientific Reports 7, 43852 (2017)
Femtosecond filament initiated, microwave heated cavity-free nitrogen laser in air
Daniil Kartashov,Mikhail N. Shneider
Journal of Applied Physics 121, 113303 (2017)
Dependence of single-shot pulse durations on near-infrared filamentation-guided breakdown in air
Andreas Schmitt-Sody,Jennifer Elle,Adrian Lucero,Matthew Domonkos,Anthony Ting,Victor Hasson
AIP Advances 7, 035018 (2017)
Terahertz modulation induced by filament interaction
Boqu He, Junyi Nan, Min Li, Shuai Yuan, Heping Zeng
Optics Letters 42, 967-970 (2017)
Amplitude concentration in a phase-modulated spectrum due to femtosecond filamentation
J. V. Thompson, P. A. Zhokhov, M. M. Springer, A. J. Traverso, V. V. Yakovlev, A. M. Zheltikov, A. V. Sokolov, M. O. Scully
Scientific Reports 7, 43367 (2017)
100  kHz Yb-fiber laser pumped 3  µ
Giedre Marija Archipovaite, Stéphane Petit, Jean-Christophe Delagnes, Eric Cormier
Optics Letters 42, 891-894 (2017)
Gas-Solid Phase Transition in Laser Multiple Filamentation
D. Mongin, E. Schubert, N. Berti, J. Kasparian, J. P. Wolf
Physical Review Letters 118, 133902 (2017)


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