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Publications of February 2017

Self-Channeling of High-Power Long-Wave Infrared Pulses in Atomic Gases
K. Schuh, M. Kolesik, E.  M Wright, J.  V Moloney, S.  W Koch
Physical Review Letters 118, 063901 (2017)
Influences of astigmatic focusing geometry on femtosecond filamentation and supercontinuum generation in fused silica
Saba Zafar, Dongwei Li, Zuoqiang Hao, Jingquan Lin
Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 130, 765-768 (2017)
Remote and rapid micromachining of broadband low-reflectivity black silicon surfaces by femtosecond laser filaments
Xuepeng Zhan, Huailiang Xu, Chunhao Li, Hongwei Zang, Chang Liu, Jihong Zhao, Hongbo Sun
Optics Letters 42, 510-513 (2017)
Propagation of a filamentary femtosecond laser beam with high intensities at an air-solid interface
Zuoye Liu Zuoye Liu, Yanghua Zhang Yanghua Zhang, Jingjie Ding Jingjie Ding, Shaohua Sun Shaohua Sun, and Bitao Hu and Bitao Hu
Chinese Optics Letters 15, 021401-21404 (2017)
Temporal solitons in air
A. A. Voronin, A. M. Zheltikov
Physical Review A 95, 023826 (2017)
Near- and mid-IR ultrashort laser pulse filamentation in a molecular atmosphere: a comparative analysis
Y. E. Geints, A. A. Zemlyanov
Applied Optics 56, 1397-1404 (2017)


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