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Publications of December 2017

Phase Memory Preserving Harmonics from Abruptly Autofocusing Beams
Anastasios D. Koulouklidis, Dimitris G. Papazoglou, Vladimir Yu Fedorov, Stelios Tzortzakis
Physical Review Letters 119, 223901 (2017)
Observation of Terahertz Radiation via the Two-Color Laser Scheme with Uncommon Frequency Ratios
Liang-Liang Zhang, Wei-Min Wang, Tong Wu, Rui Zhang, Shi-Jing Zhang, Cun-Lin Zhang, Yan Zhang, Zheng-Ming Sheng, Xi-Cheng Zhang
Physical Review Letters 119, 235001 (2017)
Temporal evolution of femtosecond laser filament detected via magnetic field around plasma current
Shiyou Chen, Xiao-Long Liu, Xin Lu, Jinglong Ma, Jinguang Wang, Baojun Zhu, Liming Chen, Yutong Li
Optics Express 25, 32514-32521 (2017)
Spectral characterization of a supercontinuum source based on nonlinear broadening in an aqueous K2ZnCl4 salt solution
Timothy S. Robinson, Siddharth Patankar, Emma Floyd, Nicholas H. Stuart, Nicholas Hopps, Roland A. Smith
Applied Optics 56, 9837-9845 (2017)
Generation of largely elliptically polarized terahertz radiation from laser-induced plasma
Honggeng Wang, Na Li, Ya Bai, Peng Liu, Zhanshan Wang, Chengpu Liu
Optics Express 25, 30987-30995 (2017)
Polarization effect on critical power and luminescence in an air filament
Chang Liu,Hongwei Zang,Helong Li,Yanhao Yu,Huailiang Xu
Chinese Optics Letters 15, 120201-1 (2017)
HV discharge acceleration by sequences of UV laser filaments with visible and near-infrared pulses
Schubert Elise, Rastegari Ali, Feng Chengyong, Mongin Denis, Kamer Brian, Kasparian Jérôme, Wolf Jean-Pierre, Arissian Ladan, Diels Jean-Claude
New Journal of Physics 19, 123040 (2017)
Anomalous broadening and shift of emission lines in a femtosecond laser plasma filament in air
A. A. Ilyin, S. S. Golik, K. A. Shmirko, A. Yu Mayor, D. Yu Proschenko
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 138, 97-105 (2017)
Excitation-wavelength dependent terahertz wave polarization control in laser-induced filament
Liangliang Zhang, Shijing Zhang, Rui Zhang, Tong Wu, Yuejin Zhao, Cunlin Zhang, X. C. Zhang
Optics Express 25, 32346-32354 (2017)
Validity of the unidirectional propagation model: application to laser-driven terahertz emission
J. Déchard,A. Nguyen,P. González de Alaiza Martínez,I. Thiele,S. Skupin,L. Bergé
Journal of Physics Communications 1, 055009 (2017)


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