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Publications of October 2017

Ring-Gaussian laser pulse filamentation in a self-induced diffraction waveguide
E. Geints Yu,A. A. Zemlyanov
Journal of Optics 19, 105502 (2017)
Crossing the threshold of ultrafast laser writing in bulk silicon
Margaux Chanal, Vladimir Yu Fedorov, Maxime Chambonneau, Raphaël Clady, Stelios Tzortzakis, David Grojo
Nature Communications 8, 773 (2017)
Fifteen meter long uninterrupted filaments from sub-terawatt ultraviolet pulse in air
D. E. Shipilo, N. A. Panov, E. S. Sunchugasheva, D. V. Mokrousova, A. V. Shutov, V. D. Zvorykin, N. N. Ustinovskii, L. V. Seleznev, A. B. Savel’ev, O. G. Kosareva, S. L. Chin, A. A. Ionin
Optics Express 25, 25386-25391 (2017)
Filamentation-induced bulk modification in fused silica by excimer laser
Haibo Zhang, Zhijun Yuan, Ren Ye, Bing He, Yunfeng Qi, Jun Zhou
Optical Materials Express 7, 3680-3690 (2017)
Multi-terawatt 10 µm pulse atmospheric delivery over multiple Rayleigh ranges
Kolja Schuh, Paris Panagiotopoulos, Miroslav Kolesik, Stephan W. Koch, Jerome V. Moloney
Optics Letters 42, 3722-3725 (2017)
Self-compression of 1.8-µm pulses in gas-filled hollow-core fibers
Zhao Rui-Rui, Wang Ding, Zhao Yu, Leng Yu-Xin, Li Ru-Xin
Chinese Physics B 26, 104206 (2017)
Interference-induced filament array in fused silica
Dongwei Li, Tingting Xi, Lanzhi Zhang, Haiyan Tao, Xun Gao, Jingquan Lin, Zuoqiang Hao
Optics Express 25, 23910-23919 (2017)
Transition of Femtosecond-Filament-Solid Interactions from Single to Multiple Filament Regime
P. J. Skrodzki, M. Burger, I. Jovanovic
Scientific Reports 7, 12740 (2017)
Nonlinear rovibrational polarization response of water vapor to ultrashort long-wave infrared pulses
K. Schuh, P. Rosenow, M. Kolesik, E. M. Wright, S. W. Koch, J. V. Moloney
Physical Review A 96, 043818 (2017)
On the manifestation of higher-order nonlinearities in a noble gas medium undergoing strong ionization
T. L. Wang, M. Kolesik
Optics Letters 42, 4195-4198 (2017)
Rotated echoes of molecular alignment: fractional, high order and imaginary
Kang Lin, Junyang Ma, Xiaochun Gong, Qiying Song, Qinying Ji, Wenbin Zhang, Hanxiao Li, Peifen Lu, Hui Li, Heping Zeng, Jian Wu, Jean-Michel Hartmann, Olivier Faucher, Erez Gershnabel, Yehiam Prior, Ilya Sh Averbukh
Optics Express 25, 24917-24926 (2017)
Multi-pulse scheme for laser-guided electrical breakdown of air
Pavel Polynkin
Applied Physics Letters 111, 161102 (2017)
Long-lived laser-induced arc discharges for energy channeling applications
Guillaume Point, Leonid Arantchouk, Emmanuelle Thouin, Jérôme Carbonnel, André Mysyrowicz, Aurélien Houard
Scientific Reports 7, 13801 (2017)
Filament characterization via resonance absorption of terahertz wave
Zhigang Zheng, Yindong Huang, Quan Guo, Chao Meng, Zhihui Lü, Xiaowei Wang, Jing Zhao, Congsen Meng, Dongwen Zhang, Jianmin Yuan, Zengxiu Zhao
Physics of Plasmas 24, 103303 (2017)
Picosecond pulse compression by modulation of intensity envelope in a gas-filled hollow-core fiber
Ruirui Zhao, Ding Wang, Yu Zhao, Yuxin Leng, Ruxin Li
Optics Express 25, 27795-27805 (2017)
Multispectral sparkling of microbubbles with a focused femtosecond laser
C. H. Raymond Ooi, A. I. Sanny
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 34, 2072-2080 (2017)
Detection of the polarization spatial distribution of THz radiation generated by two-color laser filamentation
S. V. Smirnov, M. S. Kulya, A. N. Tcypkin, S. E. Putilin, V. G. Bespalov
Nanosystems-Physics Chemistry Mathematics 8, 613-619 (2017)


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