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Publications of August 2016

Accessing Extreme Spatiotemporal Localization of High-Power Laser Radiation through Transformation Optics and Scalar Wave Equations
V. Y. Fedorov, M. Chanal, D. Grojo, S. Tzortzakis
Physical Review Letters 117, 043902 (2016)
Light self-focusing in the atmosphere: thin window model
Irina A. Vaseva, Mikhail P. Fedoruk, Alexander M. Rubenchik, Sergei K. Turitsyn
Scientific Reports 6, 30697 (2016)
Laser optoacoustic tomography for the study of femtosecond laser filaments in air
A. S. Bychkov,E. B. Cherepetskaya,A. A. Karabutov,V. A. Makarov
Laser Physics Letters 13, 085401 (2016)
Angle-resolved multioctave supercontinua from mid-infrared laser filaments
A. V. Mitrofanov, A. A. Voronin, D. A. Sidorov-Biryukov, S. I. Mitryukovsky, M. V. Rozhko, A. Pugžlys, A. B. Fedotov, V. Ya Panchenko, A. Baltuška, A. M. Zheltikov
Optics Letters 41, 3479-3482 (2016)
Two-photon vibrational excitation of air by long-wave infrared laser pulses
J. P. Palastro, J. Peñano, L. A. Johnson, B. Hafizi, J. K. Wahlstrand, H. M. Milchberg
Physical Review A 94, 023816 (2016)
Energy deposition of single femtosecond filaments in the atmosphere
E. W. Rosenthal, N. Jhajj, I. Larkin, S. Zahedpour, J. K. Wahlstrand, H. M. Milchberg
Optics Letters 41, 3908-3911 (2016)
Dispersion of the anti-Stokes band in the spectrum of a light bullet of a femtosecond filament
A. E. Dormidonov, V. O. Kompanets, S. V. Chekalin, V. P. Kandidov
JETP Letters 104, 175-179 (2016)
Consequences of femtosecond laser filament generation conditions in standoff laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
S. S. Harilal, J. Yeak, B. E. Brumfield, M. C. Phillips
Optics Express 24, 17941-17949 (2016)
Nonlinear optical response of noble gases via the metastable electronic state approach
A. Bahl, E. M. Wright, M. Kolesik
Physical Review A 94, 023850 (2016)
Intricate Plasma-Scattered Images and Spectra of Focused Femtosecond Laser Pulses
C. H. Ooi, M. R. Talib
Scientific Reports 6, 32056 (2016)
Spectral modulation of third-harmonic generation by molecular alignment and preformed plasma
Min Li, An-Yuan Li, Bo-Qu He, Shuai Yuan, He-Ping Zeng
Chinese Physics B 25, 084209 (2016)


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