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Publications of June 2016

Ultrafast laser micro- and nano-processing with nondiffracting and curved beams
F. Courvoisier, R. Stoian, A. Couairon
Optics & Laser Technology 80, 125-137 (2016)
Effect of rotational wave packets on the stimulated emission of nitrogen with light filament
Ladan Arissian, Brian Kamer, Amin Rasoulof
Optics Communications 369, 215-219 (2016)
Robust authentication through stochastic femtosecond laser filament induced scattering surfaces
Haisu Zhang,Diego Di Battista,Giannis Zacharakis, Stelios Tzortzakis
Applied Physics Letters 108, 211107 (2016)
Enhanced terahertz wave emission from air-plasma tailored by abruptly autofocusing laser beams
Kang Liu, Anastasios D. Koulouklidis, Dimitrios G. Papazoglou, Stelios Tzortzakis, Xi-Cheng Zhang
Optica 3, 605-608 (2016)
Terahertz radiation driven by two-color laser pulses at near-relativistic intensities: Competition between photoionization and wakefield effects
P. González de Alaiza Martínez, X. Davoine, A. Debayle, L. Gremillet, L. Bergé
Scientific Reports 6, 26743 (2016)
Simultaneous identification of multi-combustion-intermediates of alkanol-air flames by femtosecond filament excitation for combustion sensing
Helong Li, Wei Chu, Huailiang Xu, Ya Cheng, See-Leang Chin, Kaoru Yamanouchi, Hong-Bo Sun
Scientific Reports 6, 27340 (2016)
Optical control of filamentation-induced damage to DNA by intense, ultrashort, near-infrared laser pulses
J. A. Dharmadhikari, A. K. Dharmadhikari, K. C. Kasuba, H. Bharambe, J. S. D’Souza, K. D. Rathod, D. Mathur
Scientific Reports 6, 27515 (2016)
Normal dispersion effects on the nonlinear focus
C. Ma, W. Lin
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 33, 1055-1059 (2016)
Transformation of liquid water to ice VII during propagation of picosecond laser pulses: effects of wavelength and polarization
V. Rakesh Kumar, P. Prem Kiran
Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics 33, 1157-1168 (2016)
Underwater acoustic wave generation by filamentation of terawatt ultrashort laser pulses
Vytautas Jukna, Amélie Jarnac, Carles Milián, Yohann Brelet, Jérôme Carbonnel, Yves-Bernard André, Régine Guillermin, Jean-Pierre Sessarego, Dominique Fattaccioli, André Mysyrowicz, Arnaud Couairon, Aurélien Houard
Physical Review E 93, 063106 (2016)
Effect of high-power laser divergence on the plasma structural parameters during multiple filamentation in air
Yu E. Geints, A. A. Zemlyanov
Physical Review A 93, 063833 (2016)
Supercomputations and big-data analysis in strong-field ultrafast optical physics: filamentation of high-peak-power ultrashort laser pulses
A. A. Voronin,V. Ya Panchenko,A. M. Zheltikov
Laser Physics Letters 13, 065403 (2016)
Regular ‘breathing’ of a near-single-cycle light bullet in mid-IR filament
S. V. Chekalin,V. O. Kompanets,A. V. Kuznetsov,A. E. Dormidonov,V. P. Kandidov
Laser Physics Letters 13, 065401 (2016)
Generation of spectrally stable 6.5-fs visible pulses via filamentation in krypton
Keisuke Kaneshima, Kengo Takeuchi, Nobuhisa Ishii, Jiro Itatani
High Power Laser Science and Engineering 4, e17 (2016)
Laser filamentation induced bubbles and their motion in water
Fengjiang Liu, Shuai Yuan, Zhong Zuo, Wenxue Li, Liang’en Ding, Heping Zeng
Optics Express 24, 13258-13263 (2016)
Dynamic Control of Interference Effects Between Optical Filaments through Programmable Optical Phase Modulation
R. Borrego-Varillas,J. Pérez-Vizcaíno,O. Mendoza-Yero,J. R. Vázquez de Aldana,G. Mínguez-Vega,J. Lancis
Journal of Display Technology 12, 589-593 (2016)
Numerical investigation of enhanced femtosecond supercontinuum via a weak seed in noble gases
C. Shanor, T. Ensley, D. J. Hagan, E. W. Van Stryland, E. M. Wright, M. Kolesik
Optics Express 24, 15110-15119 (2016)
Conical third-harmonic generation of optical vortex through ultrashort laser filamentation in air
Yu-Chieh Lin, Yasuo Nabekawa, Katsumi Midorikawa
Optics Express 24, 14857-14870 (2016)


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