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Publications of May 2016

Influence of laser polarization on plasma fluorescence emission during the femtosecond filamentation in air
Yan Shi, Anmin Chen, Yuanfei Jiang, Suyu Li, Mingxing Jin
Optics Communications 367, 174-180 (2016)
Abruptly autofocusing beams enable advanced multiscale photo-polymerization
Maria Manousidaki, Dimitrios G. Papazoglou, Maria Farsari, Stelios Tzortzakis
Optica 3, 525-530 (2016)
Spatiotemporal light bullets and supercontinuum generation in beta-BBO crystal with competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearities
R. Šuminas, G. Tamošauskas, G. Valiulis, A. Dubietis
Optics Letters 41, 2097-2100 (2016)
Femtosecond laser filament induced condensation and precipitation in a cloud chamber
Jingjing Ju, Jiansheng Liu, Hong Liang, Yu Chen, Haiyi Sun, Yonghong Liu, Jingwei Wang, Cheng Wang, Tiejun Wang, Ruxin Li, Zhizhan Xu, See Leang Chin
Scientific Reports 6, 25417 (2016)
Differentiation of Positional Isomers of Propyl Alcohols Using Filament-Induced Fluorescence
Wei Xiang-Ye, Tu Zhi-Wei, Liu Chang, Li He-Long, Xu Huai-Liang
Chinese Physics Letters 33, 054201 (2016)
Dynamics of molecular emission features from nanosecond, femtosecond laser and filament ablation plasmas
S. S. Harilal, J. Yeak, B. E. Brumfield, J. D. Suter, M. C. Phillips
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 31, 1192-1197 (2016)
Laser vaporization of cirrus-like ice particles with secondary ice multiplication
Mary Matthews, François Pomel, Christiane Wender, Alexei Kiselev, Denis Duft, Jérôme Kasparian, Jean-Pierre Wolf, Thomas Leisner
Science Advances 2, (2016)


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