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Publications of January 2016

Pressure effects on the femtosecond laser filamentation
Xiexing Qi, Cunliang Ma, Wenbin Lin
Optics Communications 358, 126-131 (2016)
Contribution of nitrogen atoms and ions to the luminescence emission during femotosecond filamentation in air
Su-Yu Li, Shu-Chang Li, Lai-Zhi Sui, Yuan-Fei Jiang, An-Min Chen, Ming-Xing Jin
Physical Review A 93, 013405 (2016)
Numerical simulations of ultrashort laser pulse multifilamentation in fused silica: plasma channels statistics
E. Geints Yu,A. A. Zemlyanov
Journal of Optics 18, 015501 (2016)
Effect of pulse duration on the acoustic frequency emissions during the laser-induced breakdown of atmospheric air
E. Manikanta, L. Vinoth Kumar, P. Venkateshwarlu, Ch Leela, P. Prem Kiran
Applied Optics 55, 548-555 (2016)
White-light generation control with crossing beams of femtosecond laser pulses
A. A. Kolomenskii, J. Strohaber, N. Kaya, G. Kaya, A. V. Sokolov, H. A. Schuessler
Optics Express 24, 282-293 (2016)
Scale-invariant nonlinear optics in gases
C. M. Heyl, H. Coudert-Alteirac, M. Miranda, M. Louisy, K. Kovacs, V. Tosa, E. Balogh, K. Varjú, A. L’Huillier, A. Couairon, C. L. Arnold
Optica 3, 75-81 (2016)


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