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Publications of November 2018

“Long-lived” luminous effects in femtosecond laser filament
Suyu Li, Anmin Chen, Yuanfei Jiang, Mingxing Jin
Optics Communications 426, 105-109 (2018)
Annular light bullets of a femtosecond optical vortex in a medium with anomalous group velocity dispersion
E. V. Vasilyev, S. A. Shlenov, V. P. Kandidov
Laser Physics Letters 15, 115402 (2018)

Forthcoming Publications

Asymmetric temporal splitting of laser pulse and broad supercontinuum generation under femtosecond filamentation in YAG crystal
K. V. Lvov,S. Yu Stremoukhov,E. A. Migal,F. V. Potemkin
Laser Physics Letters 15, 085402 (2018)


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